whale origami easy to make
Desember 12, 2021 Oleh basjlutyp 0

Guide to making origami whales

Are you looking for an activity you can do with your whole family? One of the activities that can be done with the whole family is making origami. Origami is the art of folding paper from Japan that you can use to make ornaments.

The art of paper folding is widely used today to make various shapes. You can make simple shapes and you can also make complex shapes using this origami technique.

One of the simplest origami that you can make using the origami technique is the origami whale. This whale origami only requires paper and a few simple folds. This is one of the origami that you can make easily.

There is also whale origami which is difficult to make, but you can learn it over time. People who learn to make origami usually start with simple shapes first. Why should you start with a simple form? Because complicated origami usually requires more detailed and thicker folds, making it difficult for beginners to make this origami neatly.